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Indiacsrconnect, is a Bangalore based CSR consulting and implementation start up. Our humble attempt is to bring all CSR ecosystem partners on a neutral technology enabled SaaS platform to discover partners to fulfill CSR project implementation and monitoring to create sustainable and scalable impacts.

India is one of the fastest growing economy. But at the same time we rank 117th in SDG and 129th in HDI at global level. Our vision is to start working with ground level NGOs creating impact on social indicators so that the economic and social divide improves upon.

The objective is to equip the corporates and NGOs with discovery of projects, necessary tools and technology solutions and services for fulfilment and engagement resulting in the social impact at scale.

We are providing innovative social development opportunities to corporate to utilize their CSR funds in a best possible way. It’s like giving wings to dreams of change makers and vulnerable populations of India


There are many events happening in the Indiacsrconnect. Go through the events page and check out all  events happening across india.

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